Sunday, October 7, 2012

Obama Must Win in November!

I am just thinking out loud here.
Can't we assume that EVERY gay man and EVERY gay woman in this country will be voting for Obama? And that they will, along with our strong straight supporters, be a very powerful force in assuring a victory for Obama? Plus I assume that the African American vote will be very strong as well. Won't these factors, just by sheer numbers be a tremendous asset to this important race and help it greatly?

Do we need to call out to the LGBT community and start a strong push that they MUST vote for Obama because their future truly depends on this very election? Do they know that?

How any self respecting gay man or woman could not vote in this election is way beyond me. However, I feel there are many gay folks that will not bother. Please make sure your LGBT friends get to the polls come November.

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